Facts / Reviews

  1. Our apps generated more than 50 million downloads worldwide.
  2. "Effortlessly Blends Fun and Creative, Never Get Bored with It!" --- Editor's Pick from AppEggs.com on Pencil Sketch
  3. "Water Reflection is a simple to use app to add a new dimension to artistic photos. Simple pleasures that make me smile."
  4. "Sketch Master - I like that it's very easy to use. Uncomplicated. I think that others will also find this app to be excellent. Two thumbs up!"

About Us

Dumpling Sandwich is a professional mobile app publisher specialized in digital photography.

We love mobile app development and we always want to contribute to mobile technology and innovations.  In order to put our ideas into real products that people can use, we spent a lot of time on our apps' design, implementation and improvement. Creating easy-to-use apps with great user experience is always our goal to achieve.

We also partner with many top developers all over the world in different ways, such as free cross-promotion, SDK integration and so on. In this way, both sides can increase their user base and gain more exposure through each other's apps. If you already have a successful app with millions of downloads and you are interested in this, please don't hesitate to let us know.